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Sean Payton’s Wife: Skylene Montgomery’s Net Worth and Journey

Sean Payton Wife Skylene Montgomery Net Worth

Skylene Montgomery, known as the second wife of former American football head coach and player Sean Payton, has led a remarkable and multifaceted life.

This article aims to delve into the various aspects of her existence, from her early years and personal life to her educational background, career, net worth, and more.

NameSkylene Montgomery
Birth DateDecember 4, 1984
Birth PlaceParkersburg, West Virginia, U.S.
FatherSkylar Montgomery
MotherDarlene Montgomery
HusbandSean Payton (Former American Football Head Coach and Player)
Net Worth$3 Million (2023)
EducationBachelor’s Degree: Exercise Physiology, Marshall University, 2007
Advanced Nursing Degree: Loyola University, New Orleans, May 2022
Personal LifeMarried Sean Payton in June 2021
Resides in Uptown, New Orleans
Stepchildren: Meghan and Connor Payton
CareerModel and Beauty Pageant Titleholder (Miss West Virginia USA 2008)
Volleyball Coach (Bayou Sports Club)
Nurse Practitioner (St. Mary’s Huntington, West Virginia Hospital)
Previous Work at Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans
PhilanthropyCo-organized Moonlight and Miracles Ball benefit for Ochsner Cancer Institute
Notable AchievementsRepresented West Virginia in Miss USA 2008
Active involvement in philanthropic activities

Early Life and Family

Skylene Montgomery was born on December 4, 1984, in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Her upbringing in a middle-class family was marked by the presence of her parents: Skylar Montgomery, an entrepreneur and co-owner of The Overhead Door, a garage door supply company, and her mother, Darlene Montgomery, whose profession remains unknown.

Growing up as the only child in her family, Skylene displayed tomboyish tendencies.

She often spent her time with boys, dressing and behaving like them, and excelling in sports, particularly softball and volleyball.

Educational Background

Skylene’s journey through education was marked by dedication and ambition. She attended a local school for her primary education and completed her high school years at Parkersburg South High School.

Her commitment to learning led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology at Marshall University, West Virginia, where she graduated in 2007.

Following her undergraduate studies, she continued her educational pursuits by enrolling in a nursing and communication course at West Virginia University.

In May 2022, Skylene achieved an advanced nursing degree from Loyola University in New Orleans.

Personal Life

Skylene’s love story with Sean Payton is a charming and unconventional one. In 2014, during an NFL game between the Panthers and the Saints in Charlotte, North Carolina, their paths crossed.

Skylene, working as a nurse in North Carolina at the time, wished to attend the game and obtained Sean’s phone number through a friend’s assistance.

Their first meeting at the game set the stage for a five-year journey that culminated in a memorable proposal.

In November 2019, at the Longway Tavern in New Orleans’ French Quarter District, Sean Payton surprised Skylene with a proposal.

Sean Payton Proposed to Skylene Montgomery

Initially thought to be a celebration for the New Orleans Saints team owner, the gathering turned into an engagement ceremony when Sean kneeled and proposed in front of close friends and family.

Skylene joyfully accepted, and despite a significant age difference (Sean Payton was born in 1963 and Skylene in 1984), their love remains unshaken.

The couple does not have biological children but shares their lives with Sean’s two children from his previous marriage, Meghan and Connor Payton.

They reside in a spacious 6,000-square-foot Greek revival-style home in Uptown, New Orleans.

Sean Payton: A Brief Overview

Sean Patrick Payton, born on December 29, 1963, in San Mateo, California, is a prominent American football head coach and former player.

His football journey began with a scholarship at Eastern Illinois University, where he played as a quarterback.

Sean’s coaching career commenced in 1988 at San Diego State University, setting him on a path of success with coaching roles on various NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and New Orleans Saints.

Notably, Sean Payton made history as the first coach in modern NFL history to be suspended for an entire season in 2012, following a bounty scandal.

Despite this setback, his coaching career thrived until his retirement announcement in January 2022.

Surprisingly, in January 2023, he accepted a coaching position with the Denver Broncos.

Sean Payton was previously married to Beth Shuey, with whom he had two children, Meghan and Connor Payton. However, the couple filed for divorce in June 2012.

Skylene Montgomery’s Varied Career

Skylene’s career trajectory reflects her versatility and determination. Her journey spans diverse fields and includes notable achievements:

  • Modeling and Beauty Pageants: Skylene ventured into beauty pageants at the age of 14, participating in the Miss Teen West Virginia competition, where she secured second place among contestants aged 13 to 18. This early success motivated her to participate in more beauty pageants, ultimately winning the coveted title of Miss West Virginia USA in 2008. She later represented her home state in the 57th annual Miss USA 2008 pageant.
  • Volleyball Coaching: Skylene’s athleticism and love for volleyball led her to serve as a coach for Bayou Sports Club’s volleyball team, where she shared her passion and expertise with aspiring athletes.
  • Nurse Practitioner: Skylene’s educational background in nursing culminated in her becoming a nurse practitioner. She has worked as an assistant nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia, and gained experience at Ochsner Medical Center’s gastrointestinal intensive care unit in New Orleans.
  • Philanthropy: Skylene is actively involved in philanthropic activities, aligning her efforts with her husband’s foundation, “Pay It Forward.” She has co-organized events such as the Moonlight and Miracles Ball, a fundraiser benefiting the Ochsner Cancer Institute, alongside Gayle Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints team.

Skylene Montgomery’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Skylene Montgomery’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $3 million, primarily earned through her nursing career.

In contrast, her husband, Sean Payton, boasts an estimated net worth of $24 million, largely accumulated through his extensive career as both a player and coach in the world of American football.


Skylene Montgomery’s journey through life is a testament to her diverse accomplishments, from beauty pageants and volleyball coaching to nursing and philanthropy.

Her story not only showcases her personal achievements but also underscores her enduring love story with Sean Payton, which transcends age and continues to thrive.

Her life serves as an inspiring example of pursuing passion and purpose, leaving a lasting impact on those around her.

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